Shangri-La Oolong (Pyramid Tea Bags)
Shangri-La Oolong (Pyramid Tea Bags)

Shangri-La Oolong (Pyramid Tea Bags)

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Shangri-La Oolong tea (generally pronounced “wu-long”) is the mid-point blend between black tea and green tea in terms of oxidation. It is semi-oxidized and hence produces the characteristics of both green and black tea.

Oolong teas are among the ones that are treasured by tea connoisseurs due to its complexity in characteristics. 

Flavor Profile

A stylish and spicy full-bodied tea with biscuity aromas and smooth tannins. Tending towards green aromas and black flavors, this oolong will intrigue both expert and beginner.

Brewing the Finest Cup

Dip a single tea bag per 8.5 fl. oz. (a standard US cup) of water of temperature about 87℃ (190℉). In general, use not quite boiling water or let the water cool down for about 45 to 60 seconds after boiling. Steep for about 4 to 5minutes to enjoy the complex flavors of oolong tea.

*Oolong tea is served without added milk and/or sugar.