Corporate Social Responsibility...Not in Words but in Action

KTE has been socially responsible from its initial establishment.Though a business venture, KTE strongly believes and works in cooperative model. With the growing need of environmental protection and socio-economic development, KTE has not failed to honor the triple bottom line of a business – people, planet and profit.





Apart from the aforementioned projects, KTE has been organizing awareness programs related to health and sanitation. For instance, Girl’s toilet has been made in different schools of remote villages in Panchthar district with support from Nepali Bazaro.
Beside the medical facilities to the farmers, special economic support is also provided to the women farmers during the maternity period. Financial support is also provided for ritual functions - births and deaths in a farmer’s family and for other local functions which have great social significance.
KTE, from its establishment has taken responsibility to improve the living standards of the villagers. KTE remains committed to its promise of maintaining high quality of life its people by providing various facilities to its workers and the villagers.