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Nepal Tea was conceived in May 2016, when Nishchal came back to the US from his trip to his homeland, Nepal. He stayed on the tea farm, which his father started in 1984. After seeing the impact tea-farming had on the community – he wanted to expand on the idea and start a social venture that not only promotes organic teas from Nepal, but also enriches the lives of farmers and creates sustainable communities.

We are Nishchal Banskota and Sashreek Shrestha, two liberal arts college graduates who majored in business and are interested in social development. We are both Nepalese and see the opportunity to improve the lives of people in our homeland and put Nepal's tea on the world map. 

We believe that better farming practices lead to higher quality teas that are both healthy for the consumer and provide great value. In addition, it can bring real changes – improve the economic conditions of people and create sustainable communities. With this vision, Nepal Tea is initiating and expanding its social projects.

Unique Model

Our tea estate has already provided free education to more than 2,300 children and 96 are currently in this year’s program. We have distributed 176 cows to the local farmers.

This is a result of allocating our sales to create such social and sustainable initiatives. Still, there is a long way to go, and we believe that tea has the potential to empower thousands of people in Nepal. If our tea estate can do it, so can the others.

Currently in Nepal,

With investment of $48,000, we can build sustainable communities that are more capable of educating their children and improving their lifestyle. In the next 2 years, we will increase our educational scholarship program and distribute cows to every local farmers in the region, and you can help by supporting this Kickstarter campaign.

It takes considerable amount of resources to implement meaningful changes. A fully-funded Kickstarter campaign will allow us to: 

A) Expand our social model:

To expand our social model we need to directly purchase teas from small and independent farmers and provide them with a fair price. This will eliminate the middlemen traders reaping benefit from these farmers. 

To make the expansion sustainable, we will allocate a fixed percentage of sales in educational scholarship program. We will purchase additional cows and distribute it to the farmers. Our goal is to provide cows to all the farmers in the Panchthar region in the next 2 years, which means extra income and economic prosperity. To make this more sustainable, the first offspring of the cow in the project is redistributed to other farmers.

 B) Establish a tea room in the US 

This will be the 1st Nepalese tea room in the US. You will be helping us will create an identity for the teas from Nepal. Through our physical establishment, we will share the tea drinking culture and history of Nepal. This will enable us to have a organic certified warehouse as well. Most importantly, people will be able to come in and taste the unique teas from Nepal.

All our backers will get a free tea tasting session in our new location.

1st Certified Organic Tea Garden

The tea farm we currently source our teas from was established by in 1984 by Nishchal's father, and is Nepal’s 1st certified organic tea garden. All our teas are 100% organic.



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Be Involved

Receive a thank you note.

Get updates on our progress.


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Nepal Tea Member 

Join the tea revolution. Receive:

A pouch of tea of your choice (50g – serves approx. 25 cups).

+ Free shipping in the US.


Pledge $25 or more

Nepal Tea Member

Join the tea revolution. Receive:

A box of 10 individually wrapped pyramid tea bags of your choice (a single tea bag can brew at least 2 cups of tea).

+ Free shipping in the US.


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Receive a sampler collection that features 11 different variety of tea from our garden.

+ Free shipping in the US.


Pledge $50 or more 

Nepal Tea Gift Set 

Everything you need to sip a cup of tea. You get:

2 pouches of tea of your choice (2x50g – serves approx. 50 cups).

1 Nepal Tea cup.

+ Free shipping in the US.


Pledge $50 or more

Nepal Tea Gift Set (Triangular tea bags)

Everything you need to sip a cup of tea. You get:

2 box of tea of your choice (2x10 individually wrapped pyramid tea bags).

1 Nepal Tea cup.

+ Free shipping in the US.

Pledge $75 or more
Nepal Tea Gift Set II
You'll want to share it with your friends and family, so how about a bigger set? It includes:

3 pouches of tea of your choice (3x50g – serves approx. 75 cups).
2 Nepal Tea cup.
+ Free shipping in the US


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Limited Edition Collection

Only 100 are available, so get it ASAP!
A Limited Edition Nepal Tea Gift Collection, which features 11 different loose leaf tea and 4 different triangular tea bag blends.
+ Free shipping in the US.


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12 Month Subscription

Receive 2 pouch (1 oz. each) of specialty tea every month for a year.
+ Free shipping in the US.
Exclusive to Kickstarter: A Boreal Wildcraft mug in the first box.


Pledge $750 or more
The Philanthropist

Support one of our farmers by gifting them a cow. You are giving them an extra source of income and changing their lives!

A picture of the farmer receiving the cow will be sent to show the impact you made on them.

 +A pound of tea of your choice.


Pledge $1,000 or more

Tea Tasting At Your Location

Nepal tea team will come to your place for a personalized tea tasting event. Invite your friends and family as Nishchal will guide you about the teas from Nepal.

Limited inside the Continental US only.


Pledge $1,500 or more 

Own the Rights

A plot of 200 tea bushes in our garden will be named after you or you choose the name. You will receive the picture of the sign board.

You will have the first offer to buy at least 50 pounds of any flush of teas (including first) of any kind from our garden every season.

You also get 5 pounds of tea from your plot! (Processed to your choice of tea)


Pledge $4,000 or more

The Big Buyer

We will plant 1000 bushes in the tea garden exclusively for you.

You get the Naming Rights + Entire First Harvest.

Can be processed to your specification and shipped once the plants are ready for harvest and plucking.

Note: It takes 3 years for a tea plant to grow for harvest.


Pledge $5,000 or more

Journey to Nepal

This is a 7-day personalized trip with Nishchal, which includes:

Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu.

Day 2: Tour around the historic valley.

Day 3: Flight to Bhadrapur. Drive to Kanchanjangha Tea Estate.

Day 4: Journey through the tea farms. Dinner with the farmers. Walk around the tea village.

Day 5: First-hand experience of the tea production process in Nepal. See how the processing is done, and the taste the final product.

Day 6: Back to Kathmandu.

Day 7: Departure

Get 5 pounds of tea from the farm (make room for the return luggage!).

This reward includes:

Hotel, Food, Domestic Airfare and Internal Travel Expenses.


Pledge $10,000

The Village Hero

We will establish a new education scholarship fund in your name. Your fund will be used to provide free education to the children of farmers in one of the tea farming villages in Nepal.

You will not only change the village itself but become their hero and will be etched in the village's history. We will manage all the logistics and administrative duties for the fund. We will also organize an opening ceremony in the village, where you are invited to come and perform the inauguration ceremony of the fund. 

You will receive a golden plaque to commemorate your generosity.