Nepal Tea Club

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A premium monthly subscription service by Nepal Tea.
Discover the best organic teas at your doorstep and eliminate the hassle. 

Take your preference, choose your type!

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What is included in each package?

Up to 4 oz. of organic teas and samples according to your preference. Up to 50-60 cups of tea every month.
Story of the tea and notes on brewing the perfect cup  

About the subscription:

This subscription makes sure you're always drinking tea that is fresh and in season.
Every delivery includes two curated teas according to your type. You'll get to taste 24 packets/boxes of tea throughout the year. 
Each month you get to expand your taste horizon and try the best organic teas from the mountainous tea plantation from Nepal.
You can brew something new, create a special iced tea, or pour yourself a traditional cup of tea. Anything can be great with our tea!
This plan automatically renews. You may cancel or change at anytime.