Silver Yeti (Pyramid Tea Bags)
Silver Yeti (Pyramid Tea Bags)

Silver Yeti (Pyramid Tea Bags)

$ 14.99

Silver Yeti is made only from the finest tea buds (no leaves). It is also one of the least processed teas and yet the most expensive one. 

Also known as silver needles and silver tips.

Flavor Profile

For the more discerning tea drinker, a subtle and smooth tea with hints of oral aromas and flavors that linger long after the cup has finished. 

Brewing the Finest Cup

Dip a single tea bag per 8.5 fl. oz. (a standard US cup) of water of temperature 80℃ (180℉). In general, use not quite boiling water or let the water cool down for about 1.5 minutes after boiling. Steep for about 4 minutes to enjoy the subtle taste and aroma of Silver Yeti.

*Silver Yeti is served without added milk and/or sugar.